Are You Ready For an "EYE OPENING" Seminar?"

Scot Aaron is a dynamic speaker. Connect to his river of wisdom. Bask in the light from your own mind and soul. Feast!

Scot Aaron's PowerPoint presentations offer: enlarged images from gamma ray, X-ray, optical and radio telescopes; descriptive diagrams of each phase from the Milky Way Model; and most importantly a personal touch to individual questions.


-- God's Science for Academics brings together various fields of academic study, with astronomy as the focus.

-- God's Science for the New Age unfolds specific elements of the "Divine Way," showing direct connections between spiritual realization and celestial light.

-- Love Your Neighbors for the religious and/or neighbors of the religious embraces the power of religion, promotes spirituality, and exemplifies how to abide by the timeless golden rule. Believers in God can be neighbors!


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