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God's Science: A New Look at the Bible, Stars and Universes


Illustration Acknowledgments

Preface—Fig. 1 Author's photos from da Vinci’s notebooks at the Institute of Paris.

Chapter 2—Fig 2.1 Credit for the ant: University of Queensland-CMM, the rotavirus: University of Cape Town (Microbiology); Fig. 2.2 Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAT 50).

Chapter 4—Fig 4.2 Position of galaxies, The Cambridge Star Atlas 2nd Edition, Dipole Microwave Background includes 41,61, and 94 GHz, NASA: WMAP Science Team.

Chapter 5—Fig 5.1 NOAA Space Environment Center, (Anderson 1999).

Chapter 6—Fig 6.5 Top left, clockwise: X-ray telescope on Yohkoh satellite shows the solar corona on May 8, 1992; solar eclipse seen in visible light on August 11, 1999 aboard a plane over Reims France by Tlouzeau, JP Godard and F. Godard; coronal loops seen at 17.1 nm from the TRACE satellite on Nov, 6, 1999; visible light from the LASCO C2 instrument on the SOHO satellite.

Chapter 9—Fig. 9.1 Gamma Ray: Aladin software, HEASARC SkyView Image Server, EGRET above 100 MeV; Sirius: Optical, McDonald Observatory, X-ray Image NASA/SAO/CXC; 56 Perseus: Optical DSS plates, HST UV filter from Barstow, 2000;
Fig. 9.2 Optical - Aladin server/POSSII survey/DSS2/STScI/Blue X-ray - Aladin software, HEASARC SkyView, RASS Cnt. Broad; Fig. 9.3 Clockwise Top Left: CFH, Hubble Helix Team 2002, Hubble Helix Team 2002, DSS1/STScI.

Chapter 10—Fig. 10.1 X-ray: Aladin server/HEASARC SkyView/RASS Cnt Broad; Optical: Anglo-Australian Observatory; Fig 10.5 Supernova modeling (Janka 2003).

Chapter 11—Fig. 11.2 HST, Sollerman 2002; Fig. 11.3 NASA/CXC, HST/ASU Hester 2002.

Chapter 12—Fig. 12.1 Zircon photos from Dr. Holzl, geochronology, Munich Germany.

Chapter 13—Fig. 13.2 ESO PR Photo 02c/01; Fig 13.4 CATS database Astrophysical CATalogs support System, "Atlas of radio, X-ray and optical maps of Galactic SNRs."

Chapter 14—Fig. 14.1 CMB Spectrum (Fixsen 1996), also in NASA/GSFC/COBE slide 36; Pulsar Spectrum: NASA/GSFC/RXTE Learning Center; Fig 14.2 Crab Pulsar spectrum (DJ Thompson 1998); X-ray spectrum (Kuiper 2001); Fig 14.5 Alec N. Salt, Washington University; Fig 14.6 NASA/GSFC Multiwavelength Milky Way; Fig 14.7 Hasinger 2000, 2002; Fig 14.8 Top: US Naval Research Laboratory, Lean 2000; Bottom: Smoot 1997.

Chapter 15—Fig 15.1 Adapted from NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day" December 29, 2001; Fig. 15.2 Side images: Reid 2003; middle: Keck 10m telescope (Hornstein 2002);
Fig. 15.3 Top Right, Schodel 2003; Bottom Right, Ghez 2003; Fig 15.4 Left (with SNR ring added) and bottom right: NASA/CXC/MIT/F.K. Baganoff et al.; Right Top: Goldwurm 2002; Fig. 15.5 Top: NASA/D.Wang et al. 2002; Bottom: 90-cm Radio, VLA; Fig 15.6 Aladin software, HEASARC SkyView, X-ray: RASS Cnt Broad, Radio: VLA NVSS; Fig 15.8 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView Image Server, from top down: CO survey, 4850 MHz, 408 MHz, 34.5 MHz; Fig 15.9 Left: McGary 2001; Fig 15.10 Background image: Dipole Microwave Background (41,61, and 94 GHz), NASA: WMAP Science Team; Sgr A, McGary 2001; Fig. 15.11 Background image of microwave energy variations (anisotropy) from NASA/GSFC/WMAP Internal Linear Combination Map.

Chapter 16—Fig. 16.2 CATS database Astrophysical CATalogs support System "Atlas of radio, X-ray and optical maps of Galactic SNRs"; Gamma Cygni, Pineault 1990; W28, Reich 1990; IC443, Green 1986; CTA1, Sieber 1979; Fig 16.4 NASA/EGRET/GSFC: N. Gehrels, D. Macomb, D. Bertsch, D. Thompson, R. Hartman; Fig 16.5 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView: 34.5 MHz, 408 MHz, Bonn 1420MHz radio, EGRET above 100 MeV, gamma ray sources from the 3rd EGRET Catalog; Fig. 16.6 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView: 408 MHz, 34.5 MHz, gamma ray sources from the 3rd EGRET Catalog; Fig. 16.7 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView: 34.5 MHz; Fig 16.8 X-ray image of the Vela Pulsar, NASA/CXC/PSU/G.Pavlov et al. 2003; Fig. 16.9 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView: 34.5 MHz; solar flare location from the 3rd EGRET Catalog; Fig 16.10 NASA/CXC/PSU/ G.Pavlov et al. 2003 [Chandra's High Resolution Camera (HRC) for 20 Jan 2000, 21 Feb 2000, 13 Jan 2002; Chandra's Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS) for 4 Dec 2001, 6 Aug 2002]; Fig 16.11 Aschenbach 1994; Gamma ray positions, 3rd EGRET Catalog with Aladin Software; Fig 16.12 Top: combined map, Finkbeiner 2003, using The Virginia Tech Spectral-Line Survey (VTSS), the Southern H-Alpha Sky Survey Atlas (SHASSA), and the Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper (WHAM); Gum Nebula from Gaustad 2001; Cometary globules from Kim 2002 and Rajagopal 1999.

Chapter 17—Fig 17.2 Coil & Ho 1998, VLA Contours observed on February 10, 1995; radio contours are composite images at 23.694495 GHz; Fig. 17.3 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView, Left: IRAS 25 Micron; Right, ESO DSS2, red plates; Fig. 17.4 NGC 6626/M28, Becker 2003; NGC 6440, Pooley 2002; Fig. 17.5 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView, DSS2; Fig. 17.6 M31 double nucleus from HubbleSite STScI-1993-18, HST; Bottom: Schmidtobreick 2000; Fig. 17.7 Data from Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView except X-ray center (Murray 2001) and the 3 arcmin. optical (Chandra Photo Album); Fig 17.8 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView, Digitized Sky Survey DSS; Fig 17.10 Top: Crab, Hester 2002; SNR G320.4-1.2, Gaensler 2001, 2002; Vela, Pavlov 2003; M87 and Cen A, Chandra Photo Album Sept. 26, 2001 and Aug. 6, 2001; PKS 1127-145, Siemiginowska 2002; Fig 17.11 Sgr A* power spectrum adapted from Fn, Yuan 2002 with X-rays from Baganoff Feb. 2001; other spectrums adapted from Giommi 2002; Fig. 17.12 Top: NGC 1275/Perseus A, Chandra Photo Album, NASA/A.Fabian et al.; SN1987A- HST/STSI-PRC99-04; Middle: Park 2003; Bottom: Manchester 2001; Fig. 17.13 Aladin Software, Skyview images, except for optical filter, Fabian 2003; Fig. 17.14 BATSE All-Sky Plot, NASA/Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Science Support Center (internet); GRB 020405, Left: ESO's VLT UT3, Covino 2002, Right: HST, Price 2003; GRB 970228, NASA/bepposax/gsfc (internet); Fig. 17.15 NRAO/AUI (internet); Fig. 17.16 Top left: Feretti 2003; Clockwise, Aladin Software with Skyview images, DSS with 1.4 GHz contours, VLA NVSS 1.4 GHz, RASS Cnt. Broad; Fig. 17.17 Hubble Deep Field image with VLA contours, Richards 1998, 8 GHz Jy brightness from NRAO, J. Kempner internet site; X-ray images, redshifts, and photon counts, Hornschemeier 2000, Brandt 2001, Alexander 2002; Fig. 17.18 Top left clockwise: Optical-Skw DSS; X-ray-Skw RASS Cnt. Broad; Chandra X-ray, Machacek 2001; Optical, HST/WFPC2, NASA, A. Fruchter; redshifts from Simbad search, Aladin software; Fig. 17.19 Top left clockwise: Aladin software, HEASARC SkyView, SUMSS 843MHz, DDS optical with ROSAT PSPC 1.0 degree contours (refer to Dobereiner 1996), Radio 4.75 GHz from Parkes 64m telescope (Alvarez 2000, also Junkes, et al., Astron. Astrophys. 269, 29-38, 1993), X-ray jet ROSAT HRI, Dobereiner 1996; Fig. 17.20 Aladin software, HEASARC SkyView, 408 MHz with contours; AAO DSS2.270 optical plate; Fig. 17.21 Aladin Software and Skyview images unless noted; M80: MAMA.R.ESO; Abell 2360: Chandra Photo Album and HST, (Fabian and Allen 2003); ClG2137-23: X-ray ROSAT PSPC, optical DSS, with HST closeup; M87: DSS, VLA 1.4 GHz contours, X-ray RASS Cnt. Broad, Radio 34.5 MHz; Fig. 17.22 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView, IRAS 25 micron; Fig. 17.23 Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView: RASS broad band (top); A1576 - VLA NVSS 1.4 GHz with ROSAT PSPC 1.0 contours; CDF-N (Alexander 2003)

Chapter 18—Fig 18.1 Large optical, ESO PR Photo 07a/03, X-ray contours from ROSAT PSPC; X-ray, RASS Cnt. Broad; alf Cen C: top AAO.R.DSS2.098, bottom SERC.I.DSS2.098.

Appendix Four—Figure A4.1 (The composite image of the Sun is from “Soho” 2002, p. 27.) ; Figure A4.2 (The X-ray background spectrum is from Gilli 2003.) ; Figure A4.3 (The 161 + 122 data sources are from the CGRC telescopes and the NED, respectively, Steinle 2001.) ; Figure A4.4 (Schwartz 2002), (The analysis is from SkyView images with Aladin software.) ; Figure A4.6 (De Fillippis 2003) ; Figure A4.7 (The analysis is from SkyView images, Aladin software, and a Simbad/NED redshift search. The X-rays are from the ROSAT 0.1-2.4 keV PSPC with unsmoothed contours. The 2 central contours are from a RASS Broad Band image) ; Figure A4.8 (X-ray images are from Skw RASS broad band 0.1-2.4 keV and Aladin software.)

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