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God's Science: A New Look at the Bible, Stars and Universes

Preface (pp. x-xi)

Writing God's Science is of one primary purpose: to put God and spirituality back into the center of science. The beauty of science ultimately inspires when God's immanent power emanates truth from the center of our intelligence. Our purpose breathes again, for now we can comprehend life and, most importantly, how each of us individually fits within our vast universe.

I personally acknowledge every individual—and all connected to these individuals—significantly contributing to the storehouses of knowledge. Great debt extends to the stream of ancient truths grafted from the Bible and all religions, most significantly the foundations of Egypt with their attempts to express clarity in Pyramid Texts. Beyond Greek masters of articulation, of whom Plato and Aristotle are most recognized, my hand of fellowship extends to the "rebirth," i.e. Renaissance, spreading throughout Europe. To da Vinci, the renowned master, I owe allegiance to the principle of learning and sharing the apex of inspiration, which he effectively did in painting and example.

To uphold the values of truth is a timeless testament. Truth explores all avenues, pronouncing facets with clarity. In this light I present the Milky Way Model. May this model provide significant inroads to the primary details of the entire universe. For the acquisition of necessary data and information, I offer gratitude to numerous scientists, especially those who personally clarified details concerning their research and whose names are introduced at the beginning of the bibliography.

For all sincerely struggling to recognize God's power, or those finding their version of God opposed to the concepts herein, may providence guide you in understanding your purpose and power as a human being. Nothing can be known for sure, beyond undeniable facts. Light exists; we orbit around the Sun which feeds us through plant life. Stars and star forms are a measurable reality, seemingly isolated and trapped in current scientific speculations that remove God and human responsibility from the core of existence.

The Milky Way Model is a model and as a model it presents a complete, whole system based on interpreting the most accurate facts available. To each reader honestly attempting to understand this model, thank you. Your insights are valued. May my efforts strengthen your relationship with yourself and God, providing power for all that you have learnt and will learn. I have tried to present simple concepts and reserved more academic aspects to footnotes and appendixes. I apologize if explanations or any tenet of this model are difficult or disagreeable.

For those stuck in the mold of the current, godless scientific paradigms, I request that you seriously look at the Milky Way Model as a possibility. Further research and technical advancements can refine this model, as more developed, future telescopes supplement its foundation.

Of utmost importance—for God's holy sake—may good people of every belief recognize each other and abide by the timeless golden rule where we treat each other with compassionate respect. For those greedy, self righteous, and otherwise uncaring, may the pyre—be it in a fire or burial in the earth—accomplish the given task. Each must die, whether to flames, scintillation or radiance, existence ultimately contributes fuel for the eternal cycles of life.

Again, for everybody, thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Scot Aaron
October 2003

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