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God's Science: A New Look at the Bible, Stars and Universes


Discard the Big Bang and Darwin 's Evolution with God's Science !

Finally put Einstein's relativity into perspective! It is not about maintaining a youthful appearance when traveling in a hypothetical spaceship at 99.9% light speed. Relativity is about divine consciousness compared to our traveling on the earth at 30 kilometers per second. All celestial light reflects the actualizing of divine potential. This “ Divine Way ” relies on current astrophysical data to show the circulation of light: from our galactic center to the Sun, Earth, solar system and all stars.

God's Science: A New Look at the Bible, Stars and Universes finally uncovers the mysteries. The first Egyptian Pyramid Text from 4500 years ago clearly stated that the actualization of divinity is guided by the stars, especially our brightest star Sirius. The Eastern concept of Enlightenment is essentially the realization of divine potential as stated in the earliest Vedas, “That thou Art.” In other words we have the potential to be as God. As we are all in God's universe, being God refers to actualizing the circulation of light in a connecting universe. This glorifies God and fulfills the New Testament promise of being “joint-heirs” with Christ.

Once relativity is understood Darwin 's theory of evolution is replaced by time “Before the Fall/Expansion” and time “After the Fall/Expansion. This is simple to understand. The vast variety in life essentially happened all at once after the last ice age about 10,000 years ago. Every isotopic/radioactive date that is said to record millions or billions of years is divided by 400,000, a “Relativity Ratio.” Matter was close to divine light Before the Fall/Expansion. Radioactivity surely occurred—uranium turned into lead—yet the clock for radioactive atoms responds at a different rate when close to the power of a pulsating neutron star.

Our reality on Earth appears to completely support the Relativity Ratio and climax of human consciousness that will occur at the completion of a “Great Year.” Divide the speed of light by 400,000 and you will essentially get the speed of sound that we hear. (Remember that what we hear travels through air and our fluid-filled inner ear.) The Greek philosopher Heraclitus mentioned that a Great Year consists of one generation per day. This is basically 10,000 years or essentially when Earth travels one light year after the Fall/Expansion of time and space (30 km/sec times 10,000 equals the speed of light at 300,000 kilometers per second).

We can not know for sure when Earth will complete the Great Year, but we can know that our technology has allowed global communication, along with sufficient scientific data to provide details for God's Science and its Divine Way . When the Great Year is completed we will be done with God's divine purpose for Earth's creation. Then, the so-called 1000 year Millennium can spiritually occur as prophesized.

God's Science can totally make sense for a high school graduate or astrophysicist. Even though the author personally spoke with 40 world renowned astrophysicists to verify and discuss the data of their discoveries, he has waited until the book was published before revealing any details of the Milky Way Model. Be one of the first to personally discover God's Science.

P.S. Scot Aaron follows the example of da Vinci and the Renaissance, " rebirth." He feeds on knowledge, continually seeking God's inspirational power in order to grow from the light of wisdom.




Chapter One - Introduction (pp. 1-7)

God's Science seeks to put God back into the center of science. Science, both on the intellectual levels and with its practical application, is the center of power for much of the world, especially in technological countries. God seems distant from the substance of power as taught by the educational establishment in the United States. Why? If God is the source of power then God's power can be accessed all around us, including from all scientifically measured structures. Once the true nature of God's power and our connected power as human beings is understood, the world/Earth can fulfill its purpose for existence.

Now, some of you might ask why it is necessary for us to understand the nature of God and fulfill our destiny as human beings. The answer is simple. What does not connect to and circulate God's power of love and wisdom, follows the power of darkness and evil. To whatever degree individuals are in the light of God and goodness, so their consciousness shares goodness. To the degree that individuals hoard power, others suffer.

Witness suffering all around in a world that needs healing. The rich get richer, usually taking from others to gain the wealth. How many struggle to survive? Millions are starving right now in the less developed countries. If you think the world works well right now in its gross proliferation of materialism, then you must be in such a small protective corner of 'your world' that your heart has ceased to function. For too many, empathy is dead, or misplaced! Some are void, or practically void of compassion. In this case you will only abuse what is offered in God's Science, performing a type of magical self-flatulence. For anyone who opens up to these revolutionary ideas, listen, God's power will resound through your mind/soul. This is a promise.

As humanity, we are ready for a change. The developments of science have peaked to a degree where enough data and information are available to understand its spiritual relevance within the creation and continuing creation. When God's Science becomes available and is read, individuals will sense its truth and connect together disparate ideas within their minds. A whole complete world and universe will be seen. Each individual has particular abilities to comprehend truth. This is an innate gift from God, making us human. Where we came from before the creation of the earth and universe, and where we are going after death are serious questions left unresolved by science. Questions concerning our preexistence and the eternities are often answered unsatisfactorily by religions or with too many contradictions.

The big question surrounding where our universe came from lacks any real substance. The big bang theory, whatever it might resolve for those buying into its paradigm, provides no hint to what came before that big bang moment. Inconsistencies concerning the interpretation of astrophysical data can be found in Chapter Seventeen and Appendixes Four and Six.

For those believing that their faith ultimately provides every necessary answer, I ask for you to examine the evidence, think, and reason. If all good people could intelligently work together, then a large portion of humanity would unite. Once we can understand more of our purpose as human beings in the continuing creation of universes, then we can unlock the spiritual power of our beings. If we realize our power as God's spiritual heirs, the real spiritual war between good and evil is resolved. Ultimately, light circulates and continues. This much is known as a fact and is measured by various types of telescopes. This first book of God's Science will clearly demonstrate that the spiritual power of consciousness connects with the physical power of light. As humans we can definitely access more power with our brains/consciousness than the small percentage that we use now.

Ideas presented herein can be interpreted from the Bible, in Eastern religions, but most importantly seemed to have been inherently understood for thousands of years by the ancient Egyptians. Of course, corruption and wrong interpretations can be traced throughout the history, yet the foundation of preexistence and divine potential was clearly established. Babylonian creation texts seemed to provide some clarity, along with clear distortions. Early Greek religious and philosophical concepts also contain some profound truths.

The key understanding is quite simple, humans have divine potential. This means that just as God created our universe, so those chosen by God will create universes. Just as we create things in our mind and can physically create them with given materials, so the curvature of time and space can be thought of as being in God's mind. Put simply, humans with divine love and power will circulate consciousness to create their own spiritual offspring and universes just like God. All individuals connected to God through their nature of being a good person, will share in God's glory, analogous to sharing genes in one large family of God. Every good person benefits from experiencing the expansion of God's glory in the continued creation of connected universes.

In order to maintain a sense of clarity and understandings, terms will be defined throughout. Most can be found in the glossary. To begin with, "God" is defined as both the male and female aspect. References to the male aspect of God would be similar to the Biblical understanding of God the Father. The precise nature of God is unknown. Just as vying interpretations of God exist now and have persisted throughout thousands of years, in preexistence no one knew of God for sure. Just like on the earth, God's powerful Spirit Children were and are inspired to teach about God and God's nature. People were, are, and can be brought together to share love and wisdom.
The model presented in God's Science relies on reality, from the best scientific data to our most precise historical evidence, especially ancient texts like on many of the walls of the Egyptian pyramids which provide instructions for the path to divinity. God's Science can be considered a type of contemporary blueprint for how God created our universe and how humans will continue divine traditions in the creation of connected universes.

God's Science is a trilogy. “A New Look at the Bible, Stars, and Universes” establishes an astrophysical foundation by unifying the spiritual core of religion with the material reality of science. The relative nature of light provides a new look at God's creation as found in pre-biblical religions and the Bible. Book II discusses details surrounding the creation of Earth and the solar system. The final book will explore realities after death, focusing on the relation of souls connected to celestial forms.

We are surrounded by energy from light. As we come to understand our existence, the circulation of shared light becomes a responsibility. All light glorifies God and is the fabric God utilizes to create time and space. If we can accept the reality of light as eternal, then our perspective from the earth must in some way be relative to an endless circulation of light energy both before and after us. Since our perspective is relative, another individual might have a separate yet connected experience, i.e. relative to ours. With this, an infinite amount of connected universes can exist. However a single fact remains, by being born on the earth we are all in God's universe, which includes all light within space whether known or unknown by us or any intelligent life form in this universe.

To understand God we must understand this concept of relativity. For thousands of years people have conceptually understood relativity. The Old Testament of the Bible clearly states how time is relative for God and humans. "For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night" (Psalms 90:4).[footnote 1] For the sake of clarity, the New Testament reiterates, "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day" (2 Peter 3:8). The Bible presents a simple "Relativity Ratio." One day from God's perspective is like a thousand years of living on Earth. Rather than a one to a thousand ratio (1:1000), the details of this ratio can be interpreted differently. Today, the easiest way to understand this ratio is to take one of God's days multiplied by 1000 years of 365 days or 1:365,000.[footnote 2] Although various interpretations might exist, the Bible clearly establishes a Relativity Ratio. Time and space are relative. A Relativity Ratio physically associates the curvature of time and space between the heavenly realm of God and life on the earth. Since the truth of relativity has been read about for thousands of years, the more recent mathematical formulations of relativity by Einstein were probably inspired—either consciously or subconsciously—by the Bible.

The eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism also understand divine cycles of time in comparison to human years. See Appendix Three for more information.
I respect and actually appreciate diverse understandings of God found throughout the world, especially those within foundational religious traditions. As I was raised with western traditions, the basis of God's Science will seek to understand God from the inspiration located within western religious and spiritual understanding. Like a philosopher of old or like many scientists today, I seek to understand truth.

The power of truth is wholly based on a measurable reality where all details fit together. This will not be like today's quantum mechanical reality of what Einstein referred to as "rolling dice," but rather as close to reality as I can ascertain from various disciples of science. I look to understand truth from actual data or evidence, not from elaborate experiments and instruments set up with predetermined results necessary to prove a theory (Kuhn 1996, p. 27).[footnote 3] Certain data can undoubtedly be accepted as valid. A microscope can look at minute unseen details. Powerful telescopes can view distant objects millions of light years away. Scientific data allows me to understand a Relativity Ratio, and compare the speed of light versus the speed of sound, or of relativistic particles traveling at fractions of the speed of light compared to the 30 kilometers per second that the Earth travels around the Sun. [Footnote 4]. Most importantly, a Relativity Ratio is established between what we measure as the 4+ billion years of our solar system versus approximately the last 10,000 years where all life forms resemble what we see today.

In order to present a "Milky Way Model" based on God and our role within the cosmos, I have researched every necessary topic within astronomy. To make sure that I comprehend very technical papers spanning various astrophysical specialties, I have spoken to more than forty top scientists. Through my hard work and especially God's grace, I feel confident in presenting the Milky Way Model. This model seeks to understand existence—just like foundational thinkers of ancient times—based on physical and spiritual realities.

To provide some balance to what I consider as today's powerful "Anti-God" theories, sections in the appendixes discuss how some theories become paradigms and present theory as truth. A large percentage of the educated population seems to find no contradictions in theories like the Big Bang, Evolution, or Quantum Mechanics. To me, God is completely removed and utterly non-existent in these theories. In analogy, maybe too many people comfortably ride on the boat of social acceptability, not realizing that the water they drink is contaminated.

The trilogy of God's Science should definitely fill in spiritual gaps left by anti-God theories deceptively posing as truth, at least for those people seeking to uphold the values of intelligence and the explicit power of God. After stating acceptable principles and quotes from the Bible related to the creation, I will unfold the Milky Way Model. Phase I seeks to understand God's light manifested in star forms from the connected universe where our spiritual roots originate. This light energy directly relates to the manifestation of our spirits and intimately connects to star forms in our universe. Celestial aspects of the creation/organization of light will physically illuminate spiritual priorities. Here we can look at stars like the Sun, giant stars that extend from the Sun to Earth's orbit, tiny stars the size of Earth called white dwarfs, and the ever important neutron star/pulsars from supernova explosions. Phase II explores the curvature of time and space in our universe extending through three stages: to the disk of our galaxy, to the local group around our galaxy, and to the entire universe.

As God's "Spirit Children," i.e. God's spiritual children born from God's spiritual energies, we can have an intimate position within eternity. When branches and fruit from a Tree of Life/Light [footnote 5] are observed by multi-wavelength telescopes and tasted with spiritual clarity, lifelong questions are answered. We deserve to experience power and offer glory back to God, the foundation of our existence. This is a living process. Be excited as I am, to finally understand the celestial components of life. God's glory permits us to take responsibility and experience blessings!

I will try to make this as simple as possible. These concepts are explained without complicated formulas. Einstein's mathematical formulations of relativity directly relate to Relativity Ratios, as seen in Appendix Five. This will show, for example, the validity of a Relativity Ratio when using the speed of light. For now, please open your mind to the possibility that the science of God represents our reality. Just as we can focus a telescope to see stars, we can realize the eternal circulation of God’s light.

1 All translations are from the New International Version (NIV) Bible.

2 These scriptures can have different interpretations. The Jews (and Muslims) used and still use a lunar calendar of 354 days per year, thus the ratio could be 1:354,000. Another interpretation might consider taking only the hours of daylight. If 12 hours of daylight equal 1000 years of human hours then the ratios might be 1:730,000 or 1:708,000 for the solar and lunar years, respectively.

3 Thomas Kuhn wrote a popular, controversial book concerning deceptions that plague the history of science. The very first page points out that a scientific textbook is more like a flashy "tourist brochure" than necessarily factual. "A concept of science drawn from them is no more likely to fit the enterprise that produced them than an image of a national culture drawn from a tourist brochure or a language text. This essay attempts to show that we have been misled by them in fundamental ways. … Those texts have, for example, often seemed to imply that the content of science is uniquely exemplified by the observations, laws, and theories described in their pages" (Kuhn p. 1).

Science is not necessarily an accumulation of facts in a nice and orderly scientific process. Winners write rules, rewrite history, and determine who is and who is not to be accepted as teachers. Acceptance into the club-like environment permits a salary and vocational progress. How many might "sell" parts of their minds/souls, even though in an unconscious way, in order to receive a higher grade, or higher pay? A still living scientist put it this way: "Over the last decade or more, the vast majority of the younger astronomers have been conformists in the extreme, passionately believing what their leaders have told them, particularly in cosmology. In the modern era the reasons for this are even stronger than they were in the past. To obtain an academic position, to obtain tenure, to be successful in obtaining research funds, and to obtain observing time on major telescopes, it is necessary to conform" (Geoffrey Burbidge). See Appendix Six for more information.

4 I will be using the metric system. To convert kilometers to miles multiply by 0.62. For a rough estimate, a kilometer is about half a mile and a centimeter is about half an inch. A yard is almost the same as a meter.

5 Trees are ancient symbols utilized in various cultures and religions. The "Tree of Life/Light" referred to here stems from the Bible and is utilized here as a direct symbolic connection to the spiritual reality of light, i.e. stars/suns. Read more about this in the glossary.

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